CO Update: A look back at our 20th Anniversary Celebration

Dr. Kevin Decker, EWU professor and author, speaks at our 20th Anniversary Celebration. 

Dr. Kevin Decker, EWU professor and author, speaks at our 20th Anniversary Celebration. 

What an afternoon! 

We had an amazing time at our 20th Anniversary Celebration at Northern Quest, with guests from all across the state, great food, and fun trivia. Thank you to everyone who attended and made the event successful. It's by far the most extravagant and time-intensive project we've seen as a group. 

I was impressed by both of our speakers, but was absolutely blown away by the trivia Paula put together. It was easy enough to give you an air of confidence before throwing out a very detailed question to stump you! Well done, Paula. It was the perfect mid-point for the event, and was something we'll all remember as a fun moment in the day!

As we move into this third decade of fandom, fun, and service in Spokane, the first thing we'll tackle is our fall schedule. Valleyfest and our international potluck are two events we've come to expect this time of year, and 2017 is no different. It's all part of our effort to reach out to our friends here in the Spokane Valley. 

In the middle of the spring, we took a survey of how we're doing as a group. Needless to say, the results were both clear and diverse. Some clear responses included watching more Star Trek episodes and adding more community service to our activities. I'm absolutely in favor of both of those, and we're already working on making those happen. 

Another interesting response was to make our meetings more interesting. While all responses were a 4 (out of 6) or above, half of the responses were the number 4, leaving room for improvement. We're thinking of ways to improve meetings, and now that our anniversary party is successfully finished, I look forward to seeing how we can make that happen. If you have suggestions, let me know!

Thank you for everything you've contributed to our group this year! I truly believe this is the finest crew in Region Five, and I'm honored to be part of the Crusader. Things continue to evolve and grow on our communications front, and I hope we'll start to see the benefits of that in the near future. Stay tuned as we keep moving forward!

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