A new Star Trek series for a new world


We've been waiting for this moment for a long, long time.

The last time we saw a Star Trek show debut was in 2001. Before the iPhone, before tablet computers, before smartphones ruled our lives. Windows XP had just launched, as had Wikipedia.

Needless to say, things have changed since then.

Sunday, Sept. 24, the Star Trek franchise takes a leap forward and Star Trek: Discovery premieres on CBS, before moving to its All Access streaming platform. Set a decade before the original series, the show will explore some exciting new elements of the show’s canon.

Looking back, Star Trek: Enterprise debuted shortly after 9/11. To see how our world has changed since that day paints a picture with a stark contrast. Today's world is filled with fear, anxiety, and questions whether we'll have a world like that depicted in Star Trek. While the dynamic of television has turned to one that emphasizes dark and gritty settings, Star Trek has always been one that generally paints an optimistic picture of the future.

Much of the previews for Discovery are set in a darker tone, which as a viewer is definitely appealing. The visuals look absolutely stunning, and I'm excited to meet the new crew. Many fans online are commenting on the series, already beginning their nitpicking, as Trek fans do. Most of it, thankfully, is all in the name of good fun.

This show has a lot riding on it, both for CBS and the Star Trek franchise as a whole. This isn't your father’s Star Trek, but it has the great potential to be good Star Trek.

This crew has an exciting trip ahead of them. Their journey is one that won't make us stop believing in a world better than our own.

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