Spring is on the horizon!

February is always a weird month in the Inland Northwest.

Often we’ll see signs of spring in the form of a few warm days, only to snap back into a frigid wintry stretch that freezes the senses and dulls the mind. But, it’s one of the reasons why I enjoy living in Spokane - we get a true feel for all of the seasons.

In these cold, frozen months, the Crusader spends more time indoors, often with an array of delicious food at our activities. We’ll gather to watch a movie, play some games (Star Trek UNO and Smartass are recent favorites), and overall, just enjoy each other’s company.

But, I’m itching for spring to arrive.

Once March and April hit, our group is able to turn to the beautiful outdoors surrounding us and enjoy some sun. It also marks time for some fun annual community service opportunities that we all love.

In particular, the National Association of Letter Carriers holds its annual food drive in May. As a group, we’ve helped collect food donations for the 2nd Harvest Food Bank since our first days as a chapter. It’s at the core of who the Crusader is and what we do.

Through those years, we’ve seen it all. Wind, rain, burning hot sun - we’re prepared for any type of weather scenario, but always hope for the best.

It’s a fun morning and afternoon, where we truly enjoy helping our neighbors throughout the Spokane region. Keep an eye out for when and where we’re helping this year - May will be here sooner than we think!