The return of the fanzine

When our chapter first started, one of the original publications included a fanzine that featured the fictional story of the U.S.S. Crusader crew. It was a large undertaking, with everyone creating their own fictional character, or persona, and building attributes about their creation.

We published a handful of fanzines initially, before it lost traction. Multiple attempts were made to restart it, until we simply let it rest as a fond memory.

I’m excited to say that the Crusader’s fanzine, Transporter Psychosis, is back!

At our September crew meeting, we handed out some proof-of-concepts for our publication’s return, featuring a rebooted, all new Crusader story. It was well-received all around the room, and immediately brought up fond memories of our past fanzine story.

Here’s a preview of the return of Transporter Psychosis. If you’d like to see more, please send us a message at