Crusader fanzine 'Transporter Psychosis' debuts in style

It’s here! After taking a prolonged nap, our fanzine, the Transporter Psychosis, finally woke up in 2019.

In September last year, I put forward a rebooted storyline for the U.S.S Crusader, which jumped about 20 years in the future from our past timeline. Set in 2398, this entry of the fanzine serves as a transition between past versions of the fanzine and its current setting. Using the 2009 “Star Trek” film as a guide, this explores the prime universe and the aftermath of the supernova of 2387 that destroyed the Romulan homeworld.

I decided we should venture into this space purely because it’s unknown. The new series featuring Jean-Luc Picard is supposedly set in this time, and I thought it best to think ahead to what we might expect the Alpha Quadrant to look like in 2398.

Considering how much our world has changed since the introduction of the iPhone slightly more than a decade ago, I can only imagine how much a futuristic society would grow in a decade.

Check out a preview of the fanzine by clicking on the cover image or you can read it here! If you would like a FREE full digital copy, connect with us at