From the Captain's Chair - January update

Editor’s note: We’re a little behind with adding new content to the website. Enjoy the latest column from our Commanding Officer, Jennifer!

Greetings fellow Trekkers!

Goodbye 2018! This last year has been great. Like years past, we’ve had our usual game and movie days, met lots of people at our booth at Valleyfest, had a wonderful feast at Thanksgiving Fest with a variety of amazing foods from around the world, and placed wreaths at soldiers’ graves for Christmas.

This year we have our usual activities planned and hope to add a little variety. So far this year we’ve planned our usual Holy Grail Fest in January where everyone will bring a grail-themed dish while we watch our favorite movie, and a visit to the Flag Museum in the Valley in February. We’re also planning some outdoors activities when the weather warms up, including a visit to some of our local parks like Palouse Falls or Vantage, and I believe we also have a trip planned to some underground mine tours in North Idaho.

If anyone has any suggestions of what they’d like to do this year, please share! We will always welcome new ideas. Incidentally, I have decreed that anything we do annually will be a “fest”.

Here’s to a grand new year!