From touring historic gold mines to 7-mile road races, we do it all.


Our Mission

We're thankful to be part of Region Five in Starfleet International, connecting us to other Star Trek fan clubs throughout the Pacific Northwest. Each year, our chapters gather to catch up, inspire each other, and grow fandom throughout our region. 

Want to join us on a future adventure? Let us know!

This is such a diverse group. Everyone enjoys sci-fi and science, but is united through their love of Star Trek and their desire to serve the community.
— James Eik, Chief of Communications

Our favorite adventures

  • Touring the Crystal Gold Mine in Kellogg, Idaho

  • Annual viewings of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”

  • Laser Quest

  • Star Trek episode marathons.

  • Volunteering with Toys for Tots

  • Visiting and touring Grand Coulee Dam

  • Learning about our nation’s history at the Spokane Flag Museum

  • Summer potlucks in the Inland Northwest